Bird Watching Expedition in Bandipur

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  • 03/Feb/2023
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bandipur bird watching

Snuggled in the foothills of Nilgiris with home to over 200 species of Birds, Bandipur National Park is a paradise for bird watchers like us! Since Bandipur comprises the maximum number of tigers in the reserve area but don’t be disheartened if you are unable to spot any as they are extremely evasive. While you are on an exciting jungle safari sighting the big cat you can also spot the varied species of birds which is equally satisfying and exhilarating. In every hue and size flocking around, you will be amazed to see a wide variety of bird species as it is a sight to behold. Also, identifying birds by their calls is another activity that wildlife enthusiasts can relish here. As the birds are busy during morning and evening thence getting a perfect snap can be a challenge.

Being a habitat of a myriad of bird species like the Bear-Headed Goose, Lesser Whistling Duck, Indian-Spot Billed Duck, Common Pochard, Crested Serpent Eagle, White-Rumped Vulture, Streak-Throated Woodpecker, Crested Hawk Eagle, Indian Spotted Eagle, Black-Rumped Woodpecker, Red-Headed Vulture, Black Bush Chat, Bay-Backed Shrike, Heart-Spotted Woodpecker, and many more such species enticing keen bird watchers, ornithologists, and tourists.

Bird Watching Heaven

With the Birds being the real gem of the national park and sighting them for a longer period of time will definitely enrich your soul as their activities will solve the purpose of your visit to the place.

Bandipur National Park has birds in good numbers and in different ranges as the Moyar, Kabini, and Nugu Rivers serve as the wintering ground for numerous birds. This Beguiling holiday spent will make your trip’s every single moment worthwhile as the reserve is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and you will be able to spot many varied species of birds.

What to Carry?

Dressing appropriately and carrying the necessary items when you go for the bird watching expedition should be the foremost thing. In order to camouflage with the surroundings, you should wear dark or subdued colors, such as dark greens and browns as wearing bright coloured might scare the winged creatures. It is important to have binoculars that can be used at a considerable distance to spot birds.Cameras and DSLRs can also be carried if you wish to capture the birds on film.

Getting There at the Perfect Time

The Perfect time to visit Bandipur National Park to discover the birds of different species is from October to May. The Best time for spending quality time with the birds with full opportunity to photograph them in the jungle. Thus, getting there at the right time makes a big difference in your expedition and spotting birds more conveniently.

The Real charmers are the morning and evening safari which will take you to the park where birds dwell and you can sight them in bulk.

Hence, from nature trails to wild animals and bird watching expeditions, you may visit our Bandipur Online Booking page for a perfect holiday destination where you can disconnect from your social life and reconnect with the wilderness amidst the birds of Bandipur in Karnataka, India.


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